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MIX TRANS S.C is a rapidly growing company transport on the transport market.

S.C. TRANS MIX is a rapidly growing company transport on the transport market. Our business is based on providing transport services targeted to large and small businesses, individuals and institutions. The experience we have gained working with leading companies throughout the country and Europe. We are characterized by high flexibility, ease of networking, consistency in performance, professional customer service. In terms of cargo truck fleet on Polish territory and Europe we realize the full range of transport services. We make road transport of loads in the field of national and international transport. We operate on many levels, which gives us a measurable effect of competitive pricing. The company's offer is designed to meet the dynamic needs of the market. We are a company with a very rich and powerful fleet, so that our services guarantee you a complete comprehensiveness and timeliness. Our fleet of a dozen sets of tractors with universal refrigerated trailers Importantly, we are constantly investing in a modern fleet that meets the European requirements in terms of technical and environmental (EURO 5). We service equipment in authorized service stations. All vehicles have the possibility of sealing product and a satellite monitoring system based on GPS technology. This is what distinguishes us in the market of companies operating in the road transport sector is the complexity of the services provided. We offer high quality, safety and professionalism. We have a high liability insurance policy Carrier enables comfortable transport of valuable cargo. Our personnel is always professional help. We trust our drivers. Their experience and qualifications make sure we process your order.

We can help you with:

Ponad and Europe

We offer transport in Poland and Europe


We transport colling goods

Vegetables, Fruits and Frozen

Specialized equipment, expertise allow for a wide range of transport services.

Medicines, AGD and RTV

Transport, which we offer always properly secured and guarded .


We can easily track our car and cargo that we transport.

Epress Transport

Europe 72h, Poland 9h!

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From 2013 we constantly cooperate with companies that offer the highest quality services in the field of international transport. Call us or use the contact form, look forward to hearing from you!

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